Space Manager Database


The Office of Space Management (OSM) in collaboration with Physical Planning & Development (PP&D) and Academic Affairs units updates and manages Facilities Information System (FIS) and CSU's Space and Facilities Database (SFDB), which are used to track actual usage of all academic space.

The SFDB is a comprehensive inventory of all academic space on and off campus, including room details such as square footage, actual usage, CSU mandated usage, number of stations (occupants), and what department / college the space is assigned to.

Both FIS and SFDB are vital tools used in Academic Resources to provide objective analysis of historical / functional use and to help support recommendations and decisions for academic space allocation and distribution.


Space Survey

Each fiscal year a census of the space inventory in the SFDB is conducted to maintain accurate information about actual space use. A space survey is performed in partnership with Capital Planning, Design & Construction (CPDC) and the College / Department space contacts.

The following are the space survey guidelines to help you through the process.  Read each item carefully an keep in mind the need for accuracy throughout your college/department survey:

  • Report all assigned space as actually being used and edit on provided SFDB report or excel spreadsheet.
  • Walk-thru all assigned space (in all buildings) to physically verify each room's current actual usage and other space information as shown on SFDB survey report.
  • Confirm that room numbers listed on provided SFDB reports are the actual room numbers for the space.
  • Carefully assess all space report details, such as: TB (time base), WS (workstations), TCH LAB (teaching lab), etc.
  • The survey you submit back to OSM is integral to the ongoing inventory process of all academic space.
  • OSM performs space audits on an as needed basis.


At the completion of the space survey process, OSM in collaboration with CPDC and other Academic Affairs units updates the FIS and SFDB. Depending on the scope of changes, a follow-up meeting between OSM, College / Dept. contact, and the AVP of Academic Resources may be scheduled.