Office of Space Management


The Office of Space Management (OSM) works closely with administration, academic units, and college deans to ensure that space distribution and utilization meet the University's academic priorities and requirements. OSM maintains an inventory of campus-wide space assignments. OSM collaborates with Administration and Finance to coordinate construction and renovation projects, classroom renovations, and other special projects. They also coordinate with Physical Planning &Development, Capital Planning Design and Construction, Facilities and Service Enterprises, and other departments. to serve as a liaison for academic units during the process of enhancements to academic spaces


Requesting Space

Got space? In an ever-growing campus population of faculty, staff and students, sometimes it is necessary to request a space for a program or department. Requests for space first should be assessed within the department or college to determine if they can resolve their own space need. If the need cannot be filled by the department or college, a written request for space must be submitted to the Office of Space Management. Find out more information about submitting a space request.


Space Manager Database

OSM wants to provide faculty and staff with all the tools and help they will need to effectively use assigned space. Please see this page for information on the Space Manager Database and how it is used to aid in determining the appropriate allocation for space as well as maximizing its utilization.