Scheduling Office

The Academic Scheduling Unit produces the Web Class Schedule for regular university in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


The following tasks are part of the production and maintenance process for the Class Schedule:

  • Preparation of the University Academic Calendar for approval by the Academic Senate and the President.
  • Construction and publication of each semester's Class Schedule in a web-based format. After the Class Schedule is published, Academic Scheduling personnel continue to oversee changes to the Campus Solutions through a continual series of audits.
  • Downloading and archiving of class demand, enrollment, FTES and wait list data to where users can produce ad hoc reports tailored to their specific needs.
  • Class Schedule data is used to produce the Academic Planning Data Base (APDB) based on the Chancellor's Office reporting requirements and data definitions. The APDB is submitted to the Chancellor's Office each semester and is based on census data. The major variables included in the APDB are FTES, FTEF, FTES / FTEF, faculty workload measured in weighted teaching units (WTUs) and average class size. The University Office of Planning and Budget uses information collected in the APDB to produce a portion of their standard time-series report.