• Where does my class meet?
    Check the online class schedule
  • How many students are enrolled in my class?
    Check the Enrollment Analysis report or go to the Online Class Schedule, find your class and click on number of seats.
  • How do I request a classroom with enhanced audio / visual equipment?
    Go to your department office and tell your academic office coordinator to code your section during class schedule building so that the room scheduling software, Schedule25, will automatically assign an enhanced room. If you haven't done this, request a room change.
  • What kind of AV equipment is my classroom equipped with?
    Check the online classroom database
  • Whom do I speak with regarding a classroom change? 
    All class schedule related questions should first be directed to your department academic office coordinator and then your college scheduling coordinator, if necessary.
  • What are the deadlines for producing the class schedule?
    Check the Production Calendar by Semester
  • Where do I obtain the form to submit changes to the Class Schedule after it has been uploaded to the web? 
    Click the Sims Class Schedule Change Form